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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (Leonardo da Vinci)

heritage  authenticity

A former tobacco storehouse, a "tabacchificio", of the early 1930s in the dreamy countryside of Diso, in the heart of Salento, under the shade of tall fragrant pine trees and silvery olive trees that challenge sun and wind. 

A silence that seems so surreal of a place that once must have bustled and hustled with people washing, drying and selecting tobacco leaves.

The time-faded red façade, the timeless architecture, the magnificent building and the quiet surroundings, brought back to life through a restoration carried out with deepest respect for the spirit of the place.

timeless  elegance

Pieces of designs and collectors items, placed as if they belong to an installation art exhibit, mixed with the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, which celebrates the interplay between beauty, simplicity and imperfection.

The front door lined with the back opens up the space, with glass and metal accentuating its rational industrial soul. What was, once upon a time, a busy work place has now become a temple of absolute relaxation.


After a long day at the seaside or by the pool, after that tennis match at the sunset, six elegant and minimalist suites offer the utmost luxury recess. And when one is ready to come out again, the spacious living, the cosy reading corners, the spacious kitchen, and the outside gazebos instantly offer an ideal Italian piazza for socialising.


The backyard, worked to a perfect symmetry, once a place to hang to dry the harvest, is now a stretch of eternal green, with a long narrow pool whose water reflects the sky like a mirror, serene and clear, as if it had always been there.

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